many products claim they are "privacy-friendly."

but, what does that mean for a product to be privacy-friendly?

have those products defined "privacy-friendly"?

here is a suggestion of criterion:

1) the code should be open-source. Why shall people trust teams/products who don't trust to open source their code?

2) there should be no trackers. Stop tracking people. People are not the product; whether people pay for the product is irrelevant. People should not be subject to tracking. Can product teams trust their vision to lead product development with no tracking?

3) venture-capital-backed product - who knows which companies will end up acquiring those products/startups? where will people's data end up?

4) is the infrastructure of those products centralised or decentralised? do those products process and/or store people's data on their servers?

This, is work in progress. Feel free to share your thoughts by emailing yctct@protonmail.com or by opening an issue.